Premier New Schools | Driving admissions to your school

Driving admissions to your school


he Premier New Schools team has been supporting free schools since Wave 1 of the programme in 2010. A major part of this work has involved working with schools to obtain direct applications for places to ensure the school opens fully-subscribed. Our work has made a different to schools who, without our help, may have opened under capacity or in some cases not all.

Our engagement model is proven across a range of schools and communities and we are the only organisation working with free schools today that can offer this expertise and support. We will work with you to achieve the following:

  • Demonstrate to the DfE that the number of applications to the school remains has reached a minimum target for viability and continues to rise
  • Improve the financial position of the school over its first seven years of operation
  • Building a pipeline for the following year’s intake
  • Help you engage with parents who are seeking additional school choices in your area.

All fieldwork is carried out in strict accordance with the guidelines of the Market Research Society. We are also expert in the use of social media to support our work on the ground and in its own right to increase numbers of applications in often short timescales. Additionally, our community engagement team can also assist in:

  • Organising and facilitating presentations and open events
  • Helping to generate applications for nursery provision attached to a free school

We recognise the critical importance of securing sufficient numbers of applications to your school both in the short and long term and have a track record in driving more applications to schools like yours.

For more information, please call David or Tom on 0845 459 7600 or drop us an email using our contact form.